Emotional Assertiveness

Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of building healthy interpersonal relationships, especially in committed relationships, i.e. couples and with your children The model’s foundation is respect for all, it teaches the essentials of maintaining a relationship where each is of equal value, and the importance of taking responsibility to maintain the quality and integrity of the relationship. When people believe in respect and show this through their actions, especially through being open and assertive about their feelings and needs their relationships will grow and flourish.

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Facilitators at PSDCI acknowledge their own personal limitations, modelling acceptance and openness in order to create a safe environment where people can develop their interpersonal skills and abilities.

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PSDCI offers a wide range of workshops and specially designed personal development seminars to help you excel.

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We know that adults come to seminars with many personal skills and we are committed to providing ‘tailor-made’ quality training solutions that account for people as individuals. Questioning and testing out is encouraged and supported. Wherever possible, we include ‘true to life’ case study examples for delegates to practice honing their skills. Our results are consistently well above average as confirmed by delegate feedback, evaluation and customer satisfaction.

Personal skills development

PSDCI, our name says it all. We focus on what we know and do best, developing people to establish functional and effective interpersonal skills.

  • Communication skills
  • Applied emotional intelligence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress management
  • Team building events
  • Team coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Group dynamics and leadership
  • Customer relations
  • Presentation skills
  • Corporate culture

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